Does the world need another blog?

For me at least, this blog is long overdue. I have intended to start a blog for a very long time but I never knew what I would write about. I read from many other bloggers that to be successful I had to pick a niche and stick to it. Frankly, my interests and experience are too varied to simply pick a narrow niche.

You may be asking yourself, why exactly do I want to start a blog?

Over the past 20 years, and the career changes during that time, I have been fortunate to learn many things across a broad spectrum of fields. Some of this knowledge came easy but most with long hours of research and learning. It seems a waste for me to keep that knowledge locked up in my head where only I benefit from it. My goal with this blog is to provide quality information and documentation to help others learn from my experience. Hopefully I can make the process of learning easier for others.

Some topics you may find me writing about are:

– Brand Protection
– Copyright and Trademark Claims
– Web Programming
– Web Performance
– Server and Site Administration
– Privacy
– Online Safety (Yourself and Your Children)
– Online Security
– Social Media
– Blogging

Ultimately, I want to help people live a happier, safer, more productive life. I hope I can contribute some nugget of information that is helpful for you.

Are you a blogger or just a mere mortal? What areas do you specialize in? Now that I have introduced myself a bit I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.