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Lane VanceYou may not be able to tell from my domain name, but my name is Lane Vance. I live in South Florida with my wife and children.

I enjoy helping people when and where I can.

You will find that I most frequent discuss the following topics that I am mostĀ passionateĀ about. They may seem unrelated and diverse but so have been my experiences:

  • Web Performance
  • Online Safety and Security
  • Privacy
  • Social Media
  • Technology in general
If you’d like to see my full background feel free to check-out my LinkedIn profile. I’m always happy to discuss my background as well if you’re truly interested. To sum up the career changes and the like I have worked in radio, managed customer service and support teams, headed up a team of abuse, security, and legal compliance (DMCA, trademark, corporate brand protection) agents, led an IT team of system admins and developers, and now find myself in a position within a marketing team as the resident geek.
I enjoy connecting with people so I encourage and welcome you to connect with me on the following social networks:

You can also contact me via email using this contact form.

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